1K Prototype — Helping Businesses in Affected Industries go Digital

We want to make a difference and lend our technical expertise to small businesses and experts who want to go digital. If you commit to helping affected industries, we’ll commit to building you a prototype to complement your products and services.

Before applying, we recommend reading our T&C document.

Applications can be submitted until 30th October, 23:59 UTC.

Who is this for?

Small companies, entrepreneurs or experts in your field operating in or serving affected industries.

What is your purpose?

Innovate and bring sustainability to the industry. Transition or adapt your products and services to the current digital evolution of the market.

How can you get there?

Make the best use of technology. Bring a quick prototype into the market to test your new offering.

How Can We Help?

Our goal is to contribute as actively as possible to the economic recovery of affected businesses throughout the last months.

You can rely on our full technological support to build your digital application, with the help of our software engineers, business analysts and designers. We will start by developing a digital prototype of your idea.

By the end of our partnership we aim to have the prototype ready, a functional web-based application to bring value to your business.

Step 1

We work together to gain an understanding of your business vision and needs.

Step 2

We come up with a suitable strategy and development plan.

Step 3

A software architect starts sketching components of your product.

Step 4

An UI/UX expert designs an intuitive and appealing interface.

Step 5

Our software engineers build the code for the functionality and the product’s user interface.

Step 6

Your prototype is ready to launch and gather feedback from the market.

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Why just a prototype?

This will help you validate your idea and see if it’s adopted and how it impacts your market. We need your commitment that you will give it a try for a couple of months, see how the market reacts to your vision/idea/product, then we can discuss more about your full digital solution.

How Can We Start Working Together?

Step 1

Share Your Idea

Tell us more about your needs and business by filling out the application form before Friday, 30th October, 23:59 UTC.

Step 2

Get Selected

We analyze applications and schedule in-depth discovery calls in which we understand the context better. A limited number of projects will be selected.

Step 3

Start the Development

We start the collaboration with the selected partners. Everyone who participated in the process will receive constructive feedback.

Disclaimer: If you have any intellectual property concerns, please contact us to sign an NDA before applying though the form.

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Conditions You Need to Meet

Nothing is set in stone, but here are some general rules we’ll look into when reviewing your application:

  • Your business/startup is part of or addresses an affected industry
  • You have a proven business challenge, a validated idea, or even a Proof of Concept
  • Your idea brings sustainability not only to your business, but also to the industry
  • You are an expert in your field
  • You have a business plan that revolves around building a digital solution
Our Team
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About us

Here at Fabrit Global, our mission is to support innovation through custom software products and breakthrough ideas needed to succeed in the current era of digital change.

Caring and being “human” is the foundation to foster great lasting collaborations and achieve business success. Throughout our experience, we’ve worked with innovative start-ups or international corporations and our technical advisory & development capabilities helped them stay on top of their market.


“Working with Alex and the team at Fabrit has been a highly productive experience. Their technical skills and flexible approach have made working with them a breeze and as such they have contributed in a significant way to our success.“

Hawkins Brown

“Since 2017 we have built a great relationship with Fabrit Global and continued to work with them. We have recently appointed them to undertake a fourth project with us.“

Societe Generale

“What I found most impressive is their involvement and ability to understand quickly what we wanted. Plus, the fact that, once they understood our challenges, they came with several solutions and recommendations based on their experiences.“